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Finance Services

  • Strategy, Business Planning & Annual Budgeting
  • Cash Generation
  • Profit Maximization
  • ERM, Internal Controls, and Governance
  • Financial Closings and Reporting
  • Banking Relationships, Equity & Debt Capital, Trade Finance & Working Capital KPI
  • Development & Deployment for Business Performance Visibility

HR Director Services

  • Formulating and Communicating HR Strategic Vision
  • Developing a Corporate Code of Conduct
  • Preparing HR Policies, Procedures and Processes
  • Organizational Chart (re)Development-6-
  • Establishing a Performance Management and Compensation Structure
  • Assessing Employee Skill and Behavior using Various Tests.
  • Knowing and Fixing the Gap between “Available and Required Talent”

Operations Director Services

  • Connect Operations, Strategy and People
  • Develop and Communicate Operating Plan
  • Streamline Supply Chain
  • Improve Cycle Time & Productivity
  • Implement Quality Management System
  • Train, Coach and Mentor Operations Team
  • Meet Revenue, Margins and Cash Targets
  • Institute Operational Controls & Audits
  • Build & Deploy Operational KPIs via BI

Sales & Marketing Director Services

  • Develop a Comprehensive Sales & Marketing Strategy Aligned with Revenue Growth
  • Perform Sales & Marketing Assessment, Marketing, Account, & Buyer Segmentation
  • Form a Sales & Marketing Prepare and Deploy Marketing Analytics & Metrics
  • Create a Sales & Marketing Organization, Channel Optimization & Territory Design
  • Institutea Lead Management, Prospecting & Sales Process
  • DefineSales Quotas Based on Product, Industry and/or Geography
  • Implement Sales Force Effectiveness, Talent Program & Sales Compensation Management
  • StreamlineSales Operations, Fulfillment & After Sales Support  Functions
  • Adopt a Digital Marketing & Position the Internet as an Effective Online Sales Tool
  • OrganizeSalesReview Sessions using Powerful Analytics

IT Director Services

  • Build One Technology Platform for the Entire Organization
  • Align IT with Business Strategy and Operations
  • Fund only IT Projects that Support Strategy
  • Adopt New Technology when its Best Practices are Established
  • Use Analytics to Make Smart Decisions at all Levels of the Organization
  • Integrate Social Media into the Business
  • Implement IT solutions that Bring Process Efficiency, Shorten Operating Cycles, Speed up Execution, Integrate Data, Enhance Reporting, Increase Financial Visibility, Protect Information, Safeguard Virtual Assets
  • Build Operational and Financial Dashboards to Improve Monitoring, Control & Decision Making
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