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Our Team

Dr. Rehmina Zafar (CEO)

Dr  Rehmina Zafar is a true person motivated by the spirit of building competitive enterprises. Dr is driven by an immense passion for our SME clients. Dr Rehmina’s entrepreneurial, strategy, operations, finance, and leadership development background helps him provide practical solutions to meet and exceed clients’ expectations. Before starting GLOBAL GATEWAY GROUP, Dr Rehmina accumulated experience as an entrepreneur as well as the Head of Finance and Strategy for a GCC company. Dr Rehmina has a graduation in ophthalmology and an MBA in finance, Accountancy, and Winning Strategy Certification.

Our Team

Mr. Norman Swepal
(Director Strategy and Planning)

Mr. Norman Swepal oversees the HR and leadership development services offered to GLOBAL GATEWAY GROUP clients. He has over 10 years of rich and progressive experience in talent acquisition, organizational development psychological testing, business process automation, performance management online media strategies, as well as research and forecasting.

Mr. Irfan Younas
(Marketing Specialists)

Mr. Irfan Younis has an MBA in marketing and has over 15 years of rich and intellectual experience managing global marketing at GLOBAL GATEWAY GROUP. He has exclusive experience managing clients as well as business promotions and marketing from the last 15 years.

Miss Monazza Shoukhat
(Finance Manager)

Miss Monazza Shoukhat, is a delicate and hardworking colleague with extensive 10 years of Finance experience in reputable organization around the globe. She has over taken all the finance-related expertise at GLOBAL GATEWAY GROUP and has been performing her duties with excellence and determination.

Mr. Hamza Nadeem
(Project Manager)

As a Project Manager (PM) at The Global Gateway Commercial Brokers, Muhammad Hamza Nadeem brings a wealth of experience and expertise in leveraging technology to drive innovation and business growth. In his role as PM, Muhammad Hamza Nadeem leads the technology strategy and innovation initiatives at The Global Gateway Commercial Brokers.

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